Over the course of its more than 55 years in operation, International SeaFoods has built a reputation as a reliable wholesale supplier.

We carry seafood, fresh salmon, poultry, frozen vegetables, and dairy products. Our product line has been developed to meet the needs of all significant markets at reasonable rates, and we serve both large and small clients that cater to the high and low ends of the market nationwide.

International SeaFoods has the capacity to keep huge volumes of inventory, we can plan and make sure that all our customers will always have access to the products they need.

Our Team

When it comes to dealing with clients, stock control, and other business-related areas, the management team at International Seafoods brings a broad range of experience and a fully hands-on approach.

Our team is continually encouraged to put up their best effort to ensure good customer service and quality. There are several programs that encourage excellence and reward it.

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